The 5 Best Female Fishing Youtube Channels


YouTube has become a prominent platform for fishing-related content, with many fishing channels available to viewers. This article focuses on five female fishing YouTube channels praised for their quality and informative content.

The first channel, ‘Nattie Up North,’ stands out for its skilled angler host, entertaining and informative videos, diverse fish species caught, relatable gear knowledge, and authenticity.

‘The Gale Force, Twins’ channel specializes in saltwater fishing, providing viewers with gear reviews and buyer guides.

Kristine Fischer’s channel focuses on bass fishing and kayaking, showcasing her ability to catch unbelievable fish and creating engaging videos.

‘Lady Bass’ targets bass, walleye, pike, and more, with over 400 videos demonstrating fishing skills using various techniques while emphasizing the importance of catch and release.

‘Fishing with Becca’ covers freshwater species and is popular for its friendly presence, humour, and fishing expertise.

Supporting these female fishing channels is important in promoting equality in fishing content and appreciating the joy and passion behind the sport.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube is the top platform for fishing-related videos and movies, with tens of thousands of fishing channels available.
  • The 5 best female fishing YouTube channels are Nattie Up North, The Gale Force Twins, Kristine Fischer, Lady Bass, and Fishing with Becca.
  • Supporting female fishing channels is important while being mindful of objectification and promoting equality in fishing content.
  • Authenticity is emphasized in fishing videos, focusing on showcasing the joy and passion of fishing.

Top Fishing YouTube Channels

There are tens of thousands of fishing channels on YouTube, and among them are five high-quality and informative female fishing YouTube channels that have gained popularity among fishing enthusiasts. These channels have stood out in the fishing community due to their unique content and how they connect with their audience.

One of the reasons for their success is the YouTube algorithm, which has helped promote their videos to a wider audience. These channels provide valuable information about fishing techniques, gear reviews and even showcase their fishing adventures.

By sharing their knowledge and passion for fishing, these female anglers inspire others in the fishing community. Their innovative approach, attention to detail, and ability to create intimate connections with their viewers have made them valuable to the YouTube fishing community.

Nattie Up North

Nattie Up North has gained a substantial following on the platform for her skilled angling, informative videos, and ability to catch various fish species. Her innovative fishing techniques are visionary, showcasing her attention to detail and passion for the sport.

Nattie’s videos provide an intimate glimpse into her favourite fishing spots, allowing viewers to experience the joy of the catch firsthand. Whether casting for bass in a serene lake or reeling in a massive pike from a hidden river, Nattie’s videos transport her audience to the beautiful outdoors.

Her ability to share the excitement of the fishing experience is what sets her apart from other female fishing YouTubers. Nattie Up North’s dedication to authenticity and commitment to showcasing the art of angling make her a must-watch for fishing enthusiasts.

The Gale Force Twins

The Gale Force Twins, with their focus on saltwater fishing and their ability to catch various fish, offer viewers informative gear reviews and buyer guides.

Their channel provides valuable insights into saltwater fishing techniques, catering to an audience that desires intimacy and a deep understanding of the subject.

The twins’ innovative and visionary approach is evident in their attention to detail when discussing gear reviews and buyer guides. They provide in-depth analysis and recommendations, ensuring viewers are well-informed and equipped for fishing adventures.

The Gale Force Twins’ expertise in saltwater fishing is evident in their ability to catch a wide range of fish species, showcasing their knowledge and skill in this fishing niche.

Their channel is a valuable resource for experienced anglers and beginners looking to explore saltwater fishing techniques and gear options.

Kristine Fischer

Kristine Fischer, specializing in bass fishing and kayaking, showcases her exceptional angling skills by catching unbelievable fish, making her videos authentic and enjoyable for viewers.

Her content provides an intimate look into the challenges faced in fishing as she demonstrates various fishing techniques with precision and finesse.

Fischer’s innovative approach to fishing captivates her audience, as she pays meticulous attention to detail in every video.

Whether targeting largemouth bass or exploring new kayaking spots, Fischer’s visionary perspective shines through, creating a sense of excitement and adventure for her viewers.

Her videos testify to her passion for fishing and the outdoors, as she inspires and educates her audience with her expertise and dedication.

Lady Bass

With over 36k subscribers, Lady Bass focuses on targeting fish species such as bass, walleye, pike, and more, showcasing her fishing skills through different techniques in over 400 videos that emphasize catch and release.

Lady Bass highlights her fishing prowess and addresses the challenges female anglers face in the fishing community. By showcasing her skills and knowledge, she challenges the stereotypical notion that fishing is male-dominated.

Additionally, Lady Bass provides valuable insights into different fishing techniques, benefiting both experienced anglers and beginners. Through her videos, she educates and inspires her audience, promoting the joy and passion of fishing.

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Lady Bass’s dedication to catch and release also aligns with the importance of conservation, ensuring the sustainability of fish populations.

In a male-dominated field, Lady Bass’s channel is an empowering platform for female anglers, encouraging them to pursue their passion for fishing and break barriers.

Fishing with Becca

Moving on to the next featured female fishing YouTube channel, we have “Fishing with Becca.” With 26k subscribers, Becca’s channel is popular for her friendly presence, humour, and fishing skills. She covers a wide range of freshwater species and tackles different fishing techniques. Becca’s informative videos showcase her passion for fishing and test fishing gear and provide gear reviews, making her channel valuable for young anglers and beginners seeking guidance on fishing equipment. Her emphasis on fishing techniques and gear reviews adds sophistication to her content, ensuring viewers are well-informed when selecting the right tools for their fishing adventures. By incorporating a 3-column and 5-row table, Becca could further enhance the presentation of her fishing gear reviews, allowing for easy comparison and analysis of different products. With her innovative and detailed approach, Becca’s channel contributes to the ever-growing fishing community on YouTube.

Supporting Female Anglers

One important aspect to consider is the need for increased support and visibility for women in the angling community.

Despite the growing number of female fishing channels on YouTube, women still face challenges in the male-dominated fishing industry.

Empowering women in fishing involves addressing these challenges and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment.

This can be done by providing equal opportunities for women to showcase their skills and knowledge, promoting gender equality in fishing content, and celebrating the achievements of female anglers.

By supporting female fishing channels and amplifying their voices, we can inspire more women to pursue their passion for angling and breaking down barriers.

This will not only benefit individual female anglers but also contribute to the overall growth and diversity of the angling community.

Challenges of Objectification

The challenge of objectification persists within the fishing industry, particularly for women, as they continue to face the commodification of their bodies and the marginalization of their skills and knowledge. This affects the female anglers themselves and has broader implications for the industry as a whole. The objectification of women in fishing videos and content can negatively affect female anglers, as it perpetuates stereotypes and reinforces the idea that women are primarily objects of desire rather than skilled participants in the sport. However, efforts are being made to overcome these stereotypes and create a more inclusive and respectful fishing community. Female anglers are speaking out and sharing their experiences, challenging the objectification they face and demanding equal representation and recognition for their skills and knowledge. By highlighting the achievements and expertise of female anglers, the fishing industry can work towards eliminating objectification and creating a more inclusive and diverse community.

Effects on female anglers Overcoming stereotypes
– Marginalization of skills and knowledge – Speaking out and sharing experiences
– Perpetuation of stereotypes – Demanding equal representation
– Reinforcement of objectification – Highlighting achievements and expertise
– Negative impact on female anglers – Creating an inclusive and diverse community

Promoting Equality in Fishing

Promoting equality in the fishing industry involves advocating for equal representation and recognition of skills and knowledge. This is essential in creating a more inclusive and diverse community. The challenges of gender bias in fishing content on YouTube are prevalent. Female anglers are often objectified or overlooked, which hinders progress towards equality.

To break down these barriers, fishing channels can promote inclusivity. They can do this by showcasing skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate female anglers. It is important to highlight their expertise and contributions to the fishing community rather than focusing solely on their appearance.

By featuring female anglers respectfully and empoweringly, fishing channels can inspire and empower more women to participate in the sport. This challenges societal stereotypes and promotes equality in the fishing industry.

Emphasizing Authenticity

Transitioning from the previous subtopic of promoting equality in fishing, it is essential to discuss the current subtopic of emphasizing authenticity in fishing content.

The importance of genuine content cannot be overstated in the realm of female fishing YouTube channels. These channels address stereotypes and challenge preconceived notions about women in the sport by showcasing their skills, knowledge, and passion for fishing.

Authenticity in fishing videos provides viewers with valuable information and entertainment and fosters a sense of connection and relatability. By presenting themselves as real and relatable individuals, these female anglers break down barriers and inspire others to pursue their fishing dreams.

Moreover, emphasizing authenticity helps to counteract the objectification of female anglers on YouTube. These channels promote a more inclusive and respectful fishing community by focusing on their fishing skills and experiences rather than their appearance.


In conclusion, the popularity of YouTube as a platform for fishing-related videos and movies is evident, with tens of thousands of fishing channels available. Among these channels, the five highlighted female fishing YouTube channels stand out for their high-quality and informative content.

These channels not only showcase the skills and knowledge of female anglers but also promote equality in fishing content.

By supporting these channels, we can appreciate the joy and passion of fishing while breaking down gender barriers in the fishing community.

Let us continue to celebrate and uplift the voices of female anglers in the world of fishing content.

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Kimberly is an experienced angler and outdoor enthusiast with a passion for all things fishing. She has been honing her skills on the water for over 7 years, mastering various techniques and tactics for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.